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Manufacturing various types of adhesives,
building seals, concrete admixtures, and industrial chemicals

KIA SHIMI is aimed at manufacturing resin of various types and basic materials in 2019 utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to supply divers and high-quality products.

About us

Derived by the private-sector investment, KIA SHIMI launched its activities in 2016 in a land area of 7,000 m2 located at Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Qom, Iran, to manufacture and supply industrial and structural chemicals.
Utilizing the best-quality raw materials, equipping with the modern laboratory and relying on skillful and talented staff, the company is capable of manufacturing various types of adhesives, building seals, concrete admixtures, and industrial chemicals, as well as providing consumers with diverse products of exceptional quality. Exporting high-quality products abroad (e.g. Armenia, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, etc.) to gain foreign exchange is strongly emphasized, besides covering domestic markets and helping the country to reach self-sufficiency.

Factory address: E30, Salafchegan Special Economic Zone, Qom, Iran
Office: Unit4, Building 1, Bahman south, Mahmudieh Street, Zafaraniyeh, Tehran, Iran.


Kia Shimi

Building chemicals manufacturer

Some of our products are: Normal Ultra Lubricant, Normanl lubricant, Super air entraining of concrete, Concrete Anti-freeze, Waterproof Super Lubricant

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