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Concrete additives

Concrete Anti-freeze

Concrete Anti-freeze

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A prepared material to concreting in -15 C, Anti-freeze is a factor to increase cement hydration in coldness and prevent from concrete freezing.


·         Accelerating initial hardening of concrete

·         Decreasing concrete freezing point

·         Increasing concrete heating

·         Compatible with all cement pigments


·         Concreting in cold weather and frost to -15 C

·          Concreting in conditions that sudden air drop is predictable

Amount of use:

It depends on concreting thickness and conditions

For predict precise amount of use, notice the following table:

table of temperature in centigrade

Amount of use based on cement and thickness of at least 15 centimeter 

To -4 C


-4 to -8 C


-8 to -11 C


-11 to -14 C



For using product in approximately -15 C and thickness of below 15 cm, please contact experts of the company.

Method of use:

The following elements should be observed for concreting in cold weather:

·         It is better to set aside sands to the depth of 10 cm and use the lower level

·         Temperature should not be below +5 C in concreting time (if so, it is possible to create ice crystals on sands) it is recommended to use nylon after concreting in order to keep heat

·         Please note that Anti-freeze is added to prepared concrete and should be mixed one minute per cube meter.



It could be stored in initial packaging and between +5 to +45 C for at least one year.


It is offered in 20 to 30 lit gallons and 200 lit plastic barrels.



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