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Binding Glue

Binding Glue

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This glue has high adhesion and flexibility power and used as the best connector for books, notebooks, laminating, box making and other cellulose substances and fabric.

The film will be soft, flexible and clear after drying.

Technical Properties:

·         Based on Polyvinyl Acetate resins

·         Having white, pasty appearance and form a clear film after drying

·         Viscosity is between 300 to 600 centipoises (via Brookfield viscometer in 25 C)

·         Density is about 1/08 g/cm

How to use:

·         Desired place should be throughoutly clean and free from any dust and oil

·         It is applied to connective place via glue machine, brush or spatula (it is better to be applied in room temperature)

·         It is recommended not to dilute the glue

·         Water is the solvent of the glue and you should wash your hands and working tools by water

Safety points and storage conditions:

·         It could be stored for one year in a roofed warehouse in 5 to 40 C

·         It should be protected from freezing and not be used in -10 C or below

·         Content of the containers should be stored in cold and dry placed and away from direct sunlight. The lid should be tightly close after used


It is offered in 1, 5 and 20 lit containers.



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