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Concrete Glue

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It is made on the basis of Acrylic Polymers, to increase mortar and concrete adhesion. It also increases speed of the process.


·          Making waterproof  mortar

·         Making plastic concrete and mortar

·         Repairing of Cromo (honeycombing) concrete

·         Making ductile concrete

·         Repairing surface damage of all types of concrete surfaces



·         Increasing tensile , flexural, abrasion and compressive strength of concrete

·         Increasing strength against alkaline contexts

·         Resistance against diluted acids and acid gases

·         Increasing sealing rate and reducing permeability

·         Reducing and preventing from cracking

·         Reducing concrete shrinkage

Amount and method of use:

·         Depends on thickness of the desired surface and places. If thickness is less than 5 cm, concrete should be a little stiffer and structure concrete glue used %5 of cement weight. The glue should be added and entirely mixed.

·         For more than 5 cm thickness, operation should be repeated twice or more.

·         If other additives should be needed, contact our exports.

·          Minimum temperature for applying structure concrete glue is 10̊c


It could be stored for one year if it is away from coldness and heat in +10 to +40̊c


It is offered in 4, 9 and 20 liters suitable plastic containers.



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