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Wood Glue

wood Glue

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This glue is based on polyvinyl Acetate. Clear, firm and strong film of the glue is resistant against mechanical tensions.

Specific formulation of the product is prepared for durable applications in such way that the bonding sites have the ability of abrasion and compatible with various varnishes.


It is used in woodcraft for making all wooden structures. High penetration creates harmony between wooden cellulosic compounds and provides a tight junction.

Method of use:

The wooden surface should be clean of any dust. A uniform layer of A100 glue is applied on the surface and taken about 7-15 min. after required time, tow surfaces should be stick together with a homogenous compression.

Amount of use:

Depending on the type of work

Applied considerations:

Avoid adding water for carpentry works. Observe consumption ambient temperature (at least +5 ). Observe the time of bonding tow surfaces after being applied to the glue (for about 15 min).


0.5, 1, 4, 10, 20, 22 lit plastic containers.

Storage conditions:

There is shelf life of 6 months for initial packed containers in normal ambient conditions and when being away from thermal changes.



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